You can go straight to the bank, so why use a mortgage broker?

Here are the top 9 reasons why working with a mortgage broker is advantageous in Israel.

  1. Works for you: A mortgage broker workers for you.  His money is made by the fee you pay him, so you’re his client and he’s incentivized to help you.  The banks?  Well, they’re around to make money for their shareholders, not to give you a good deal.
  2. Gets great rates: Working in the market every day, a mortgage broker will know when you’ve gotten a good rate, not just the rate the bank wants to give you.
  3. Cuts down bureaucracy: A mortgage broker makes the process as simple as possible.  He cuts red tape, navigates bureaucracy, and helps you get your home financing in the easiest way possible.
  4. Works with many banks: Each bank and even specific branches operate differently.  A good mortgage broker will know which ones will be the best for you to work with.
  5. Builds personalized loan packages: Israeli banks offer a variety of loan options.  Different interest rate options, duration, linkages, and currencies.  A good mortgage broker can help you find the best options for you.
  6. Saves time and stress: To prepare all the paperwork, file, negotiate, and execute the mortgage takes a lot of time and patience.  A mortgage broker will get it done for you.
  7. Speaks the language: Yes, Hebrew.  But also the special dialects needed to communicate effectively with the banks and those in the housing industry (your lawyer, your agent, and maybe your builder).  The world of mortgages and home financing need someone fluent to guide you to your goal of home ownership.
  8. Service and availability: Bankers’ hours takes on a special meaning here in Israel.  A broker is available to you.
  9. Finds solutions for unusual situations: Banks like straightforward applications.  Have income from abroad?  Need a parent or child on the mortgage?  A mortgage broker can help find the right way to present you to the bank to get you approved and on your way to home ownership.

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