The butter shortage in Israel has led to not only difficulties in finding butter but also higher prices.

Now is your chance to do something about it.

Proposal to cancel the import tax on butter

Grocery store shortage

The Minister of Finance is reviewing a proposal to cancel the import tax of 120% to 160% on butter.  This would mean not only lower-priced butter from other countries, but also encouragement for local producers to offer butter at better prices.

The Minister is receiving public comment through Tuesday 21.01.2020.

How you can help


You can affect his decision by sending an email with just three clicks:

  1. Click to open the campaign page
  2. Click שלחו את המייל
  3. Click to send in your email program

You’ll get a confirmation from the Bureau of the Finance Minister and one from Our Interest, the group arranging the campaign.

Good luck to us all!

3 thoughts on “Want cheaper butter in Israel? Just ask!

  1. It doesn’t work…The button for sending the mail is greyed out and not available.
    It says, הפעולה סגורה

  2. Well, its hard to believe that the famous Israeli Butter is no longer. I remember eating it on warm Israeli Rye bread when I was a young Olah. I don’t understand why it disappeared. Years later i have found that butter (all dairy) does not agree with me. I must admit, I found a wonderful recipe for a Vegan Butter that is very good and easy to make. If anyone wants the recipe they can email me. Plus there is a different Vegan spread that is absolutely delicious on toasted bagels, “The Nuts Chef”, Cashew Delight, found at Duvduvan and other like stores.

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