With Israeli daylight savings time changed to match Europe in 2013, most smartphones will be an hour off. You can fix them with a few clicks.

Wake up this morning to find your smartphone isn’t so smart?  Even though the decision was made this summer to permanently extend daylight savings time, most smartphone operating systems weren’t  updated.

Manually-adjusted time
To adjust your phone, put your phone on manual time mode until 27 October 2013.  On an Android, go to “Settings,” then “Date and time.”  Deselect “Automatic time zone,” and update the time under “Set time.”

Change time zone
Another option is to change your timezone to Athens for the time being:

  • broken clockAndroid – Go to “Settings,” then “Date and time.”  Deselect “Automatic time zone.”  Click “Select time zone,” and choose “Athens, Istanbul.”
  • iOS – Go to “Settings,” then “General,” then “Date and Time.” Deselect “Automatic setting,” and choose Athens.
  • Windows – If your phone was not automatically updated, you may download an update.

After 27 October when daylight savings time ends, you can switch your smartphone’s time zone back to Israel.

3 thoughts on “Update smartphone for 2013 Israeli daylight savings time change

  1. Indeed.

    As I mentioned on Facebook, the next time my arm falls off (as one’s arm tends to do from time to time), I hope my doctor doesn’t say “change your genetic makeup to lizard, it will grow right back”

  2. Which idiot is responsible for this?

    It’s a pretty simple change to make on the software level and Windows has updated properly so what is wrong with our service providers? Actually, what is right with them?

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