As the 2013 Knesset elections approach, many have yet to decide how to vote.  Online tools can help find the party which most closely matches your views.

You already know where to vote for the 22 January 2013.  Now the question is how to vote.  While no online tool can tell you categorically which party you should support, it can either help introduce you to parties you might not have considered or help narrow down your choice between the plethora of parties.  While many such tools exist, two of the most popular tools are…

IDI / JPost 2013 Israeli Election Compass
The Israel Democracy Institute, in partnership with The Jerusalem Post, published the 2013 Israeli Election Compass.  Available in English, Hebrew, and Arabic, the Election Compass will literally plot your place on the political map after you give your position on 30 statements.

Mako’s למי להצביע tool
Mako, owned by Israeli TV producer and Channel 2 co-owner Keshet, released the למי להצביע? (Who to vote for / l’me l’hatzbiya) tool.  Only available in Hebrew, after stating your relative agreement with 28 statements and then prioritizing which types of issues are most important to you, your top three party matches – including percentage of agreement – will appear.

For more information about the elections, see The Ultimate Citizen’s Guide to the 2013 Knesset Elections, Find your polling place, and Official 2013 Knesset Election results available live online.

Best of luck in making this important decision!

8 thoughts on “Tools to help decide your vote in 2013 Knesset elections

  1. are there more websites that help you decide whom you should vote for besides the two that are written here??

    1. There are, Aliza. I might recommend that you look at the section entitled How Can I Learn More about the Parties, Candidates, and Issues before Elections? in The Ultimate Citizen’s Guide to the 2013 Knesset Elections article. There you will find links to the parties candidate lists and platforms; the parties’ websites, Facebook, and Twitter presences; and access to the Twitter feeds of parties, party, reps, and reporters – even if you don’t have a Twitter account account.

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