4 December 2021

What to do during a siren

In times of emergency, it is important to know what to do.  The Israel Home Front Command provides a helpful guide on how to seek shelter during rocket and mortar attacks.

Home Front Command, sirens, & a national drill

The Home Front Command (פיקוד העורף) has announced a national drill to take place on Wednesday 22.06.2011 as part of Turning Point 5 (נקודת מפנה 5).  Sirens will be sounded at 11:00 and at 19:00.

Sirens in Jerusalem at 10:00 (30 November 2010)

For those of you who live or work in Jerusalem, the following is for you.  Today (Tuesday, 30 November 2010) at 10:00 sirens will be heard in Jerusalem.