22 May 2022

3-minute limit on hold for some customer service calls

Had your fill of elevator music?  No more waiting on the line for half an hour or longer!  As of 12 December 2012, certain customer service calls to businesses must be answered within 3 minutes or they call you back.

School fees: What should you be paying for 2012-2013 (תשע”ג)?

The new school year has already begun, and it’s time to open your checkbook.  How much should you be shelling out?

Reimbursement for transportation to, from work

Travel costs add up.  Employers are required to reimburse employees for commute costs.  Are you getting reimbursed?

Returning goods, cancelling services for cash

Consumers may return purchases or cancel services for a refund.  However, one must take into account lots of details and exceptions.

Hacker steals Israeli credit cards; What can you do?

The personal information of thousands of Israeli credit card users has been stolen.  How do you know if you’re affected, and what should you do?

Headlights are mandatory as of 1 November

It’s time to turn on your headlights.  As of November 1st, drivers in Israel must use headlights even during the day for inter-city travel.

School fees: Which are mandatory, voluntary?

When school starts, so do the requests for additional, often substantial payments.  How much money is your child’s school really allowed to ask (or demand) of you?