18 May 2022

Find All Your Pension, Retirement, and Keren Hishtalmut Accounts

Find all your keren hishtalmut, keren pensiya, bituach menhalim, and kupat gemel accounts – for free.

Israeli Salary Calculators

Calculate how much you will take home after taxes and benefits – and how much you cost your employer – using a simple online calculator.

2016 Keren Hishtalmut Data

The Ministry of Finance (MOF) sponsors a site called GemelNet, which includes data regarding all of the keren hishtalmut options available.

Check your bituach menhalim and keren hishtalmut statements!

Over the last few weeks, you have received in the mail statements regarding your manager’s insurance (bituach menhalim / ביטוח מנהלים) and continuing education fund policies (keren hishtalmut / קרן השתלמות).  It’s time to take them out and review them for basic accuracy because a surprising number have errors – in the favor of the insurance […]