17 January 2022

Buy more online tax free; More about import taxes

You have been waiting for this moment for weeks now, and the blessed day has finally arrived.  You can finally order online without having to shell so much out to the tax man. 

No exit fees for TV, internet, phone, & int’l calling

Exit fees are going the way of the dodo.  No fees to leave your TV, internet, phone, and international calling providers!

New all-you-can-eat cellular data plans at Cellcom

Israel cellular internet users now have the new and exciting choice to be charged by speed instead of data usage.  Cellcom has introduced into the market a series of packages for new customers that will allow them to buy internet the same way we do at home – by download / upload speed instead of […]

Cost comparison and choosing an internet service provider

If you’re paying more than 17 NIS for 2.5 MB or 30 NIS for 5.0 MB for your internet service provider per month, you may be overpaying. Periodically, it’s a good idea to review the rates you pay for services.  Israeli business newspaper Globes recently published the results of a survey of internet service provider […]