17 January 2022

Register to save up to 20% on your summer 2013 electric bill

For the second year running, if you reduce your electricity usage compared to previous summers, you will receive special incentive credits.

Switch to a solar water heater: get a gov’t purchase subsidy, save monthly

Using an electric-only water heater? Not only can you save money by switching to solar, but the Israeli government will help subsidize it, too.

3-minute limit on hold for some customer service calls

Had your fill of elevator music?  No more waiting on the line for half an hour or longer!  As of 12 December 2012, certain customer service calls to businesses must be answered within 3 minutes or they call you back.

Save up to 20% on your summer 2012 electric bill

If you reduce your electricity usage this summer, you’ll save two times over – on your reduced usage and on special incentive credits.

Protest the huge rise in electricity prices!

Electricity rates may be going up by 19%!  If you don’t want to see your electric bill soar, it’s time to send a protest e-mail.