22 May 2022

Israel Home Front Command Personal Alert System

The Israel Home Front Command operates a Personal Alert system, which sends emergency warnings to your mobile phone.  Read on to learn more.

Low-use Cellcom customers save with ‘secret’ plan

Have a Cellcom cell phone line you don’t use much but aren’t ready to give up?  A ‘secret’ plan can keep your line open and save cash.

New all-you-can-eat cellular data plans at Cellcom

Israel cellular internet users now have the new and exciting choice to be charged by speed instead of data usage.  Cellcom has introduced into the market a series of packages for new customers that will allow them to buy internet the same way we do at home – by download / upload speed instead of […]

Cellcom crash aftermath, compensation

Though it took far too long from many customers’ perspective, the Cellcom service interruption reported last week is history.  Cellcom finally discovered the cause which was reported to be an upgrade gone bad.

Nationwide problem on the Cellcom network

Wondering why calls from your Cellcom phone aren’t working or calls to that Cellcom number aren’t getting through?  There’s a nationwide problem affecting Cellcom customers.