The National Insurance Institute (Bituach Leumi / ביטוח לאומי) has made it possible to switch health funds (kupot cholim / קופות חולים) online.

The Switch
Previously, one had to go through a process including a stop at the Post Office.  Now, you can skip the line and handle the paperwork online.

Have available:

  1. Your identification card (teudat zehut / תעודת זהות)
  2. Credit card
  3. A printer to print your confirmation page

Right now, the signup page is not so easy to find, but hopefully that will change with time.

  1. Use Internet Explorer, as it seems the site is not available in Chrome or Firefox.
  2. Go to the Payments Site (אתר התשלומים) of the National Insurance Institute.
  3. Under “כניסה לאתר,” type in the Hebrew challenge word and select “כניסה.”
  4. Select “מעבר בין קופות חולים,” and then “בקשת מעבר בין קופות חולים.”

When, how often kupot cholim can be changed
You are allowed to switch your health fund membership up to two times a year at six different dates.  For the coming year, the dates for moving are:

  1. Request by 15.11 > transfer complete 01.01
  2. Request by 15.01 > transfer complete 01.03
  3. Request by 15.03 > transfer complete 01.05
  4. Request by 15.05 > transfer complete 01.07
  5. Request by 15.07 > transfer complete 01.09
  6. Request by 15.09 > transfer complete 01.11

Other factors to consider when switching
The process reminds those switching about two more things to keep in mind when switching health funds.

  • Supplemental health insurance plans: Those that have a supplemental health insurance plan (such as Maccabi Magen Zahav or Meuhedet See) at their current health fund have 90 days to sign up for the parallel supplemental health insurance plan at their new health fund to be eligible for a waived or shortened waiting period.
  • Long-term care insurance plans: Those with long-term care insurance policies through their existing health fund should check what their situation and premiums would be in the new health fund.
Enjoy the new convenience!

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