Using an electric-only water heater? Not only can you save money by switching to solar, but the Israeli government will help subsidize it, too.

If you have an old electric water heater (דוד חשמל / dude chashmal), the Ministry of Energy & Water Resources (משרד האנרגיה והמים) wants to subsidize your upgrade to a solar water heater (דוד שמש / dude shemesh).

Why go solar?
According to the Ministry’s estimates, switching from an electric to a solar water heater will save the average family 1,000 NIS per year.  If that’s not enough to get you interested, they are sweetening the deal by subsidizing the cost of purchase and installation by 900 NIS.  (See their TV ad for the program.)

Am I eligible?
Water heater upgrade projectTo be eligible, you must…

  1. only own an electric water heater and be willing to part with it
  2. live within four floors of the roof of your building
  3. purchase in the next 18 months or while supplies last
  4. verify that there is no legal impediment to installing a solar water heater and that the appropriate infrastructure is available

How much will it cost?
Four different companies are taking part in the program and offering models from which you can choose, all of which have a capacity of 150 L and an eight-year warranty.  The cost, after subsidy and including VAT, ranges from 2,317.50 NIS to 2,767.95 NIS.  See the website for details.

Water heater upgrade project flyerHow do I get started?
After deciding which company and model you want, you will need to call them to start the process.  After you’ve been vetted, the company will provide the requested solar water heater within 21 business days.

If you have any general questions, you can reach the Ministry’s Energy Efficiency Projects telephone information center:

  • Phone – *2307 or 073-254-7832
  • Hours – Sunday to Thursday 08:00 – 22:00; Friday 08:00 – 13:00
  • Languages – Hebrew, Arabic, Russian, Amharic


Enjoy the savings!

5 thoughts on “Switch to a solar water heater: get a gov’t purchase subsidy, save monthly

  1. I don’t understand. Don’t all Israeli apartments come with a dude shemesh and dude chashmal when the sun isn’t shining?

    1. The laws have changed over the years, sara. As the linked article states, the companies that won the tender are expected to replace 14,500 electric-only water heaters as part of this venture.

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