Electricity rates may be going up by 19%!  If you don’t want to see your electric bill soar, it’s time to send a protest e-mail.

Rise in price of electricity
The Israel Electric Corporation is in need of cash, at least in part due to the disruptions to the supply of Egyptian natural gas.   Of course, many also cite the inefficiencies and high salaries at the Electric Corporation as a huge drain on their coffers.  For instance, did you know that the average employee at the Electric Corporation makes 16,273 NIS per month?  That is 2.3 times the average wage in Israel!  The current average salary was reached after a recent 11.2% raise (averaging 1,645 NIS) in September 2010.

The Public Utility Authority has called for a rise in electricity rates of 19% retroactive to the beginning of 2011.  The Public Utility Authority is in discussions with the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Environmental Protection to see if it is possible to only raise rates by 12%.

Raise your voice
We have a chance to raise our voices and protest this change.  The Public Utility Authority has a period of public comment open for the next week.

  • Send e-mail before: Monday 25 July 2011 at 12:00
  • Direct e-mail to: Osnat Marom (אסנת מרום) at osnat@pua.gov.il
  • Sample e-mail text:

לכבוד הגב’ מרום:

הנדון: התנגדות להעלאת תעריפי החשמל

אני כותב על מנת להביע התנגדות, בשמי ובשם משפחתי, לתוכנית להעלות את תעריפי החשמל.  אני מבין שקיימות סיבות בעטיין מבקשת חברת החשמל להעלות מחירים, אבל אני סמוך ובטוח כי אין צורך ממשי בהעלאת התעריפים.  לדעתי יש מקום גדול לחסכון כספי רב, שימנע את הצורך בהעלאת התעריפים, אם רק תנקוט חברת החשמל בהליכי התייעלות משמעותיים ואפשריים.

אנא החשיבו את הקולות שלי ושל משפחתי כנגד העלאת תעריפי החשמל.

בכבוד רב,
Insert your name here

The receipt of your e-mail can be confirmed by calling Osnat at 02-621-7109.

Spread the word
The more people that send e-mails, the more likely our voices might have an impact.  Share the link to this post on Facebook and Google+, and “Like,” “Tweet,” and “+1” it to spread the word.  Act now!

7 thoughts on “Protest the huge rise in electricity prices!

  1. To Mr. Matzliach and Vatika: I will send the email, although I fail to see why that would be of interest to anyone at the Israel Electric Co. I can’t do too much more to reduce consumption; I already pull out all plugs when appliances are not in use including the TV system and cable as well as the computer and cable connection (both of which are disconnected all night, every night), don’t use my dishwasher, rarely iron anything, very sparingly use the air conditioner, use the gas burners instead of the oven when possible, and completely ignore the microwave except for my husband to heat his wheatberry pillow for his aching back. I also have a new, energy-saving LG washer – no dryer here. I don’t even use a blow dryer for my hair! Have I missed anything??

    1. Nirit, as detailed in the above article, your objection would be sent to the Public Utility Authority (PUA). As is stated on their website, the PUA has the responsibility to regulate the Electric Corporation which explicitly includes setting their rates.

      ייעודה של הרשות הוא להסדיר ולפקח על מתן שירותים ציבוריים בתחום חיוני – חשמל. פעולות הפיקוח צריכות להיעשות ברמה מקצועית גבוהה עם שמירה על איזון אינטרסים בין הצרכנים, חברת החשמל, יצרני חשמל והמדינה. תפקידי הרשות לשירותים ציבוריים מוגדרים בחוק, וכוללים למעשה ארבעה תחומי פעילות עיקריים: קביעת תעריפים; קביעת אמות מידה ומדדים לטיב השירות; טיפול למול צרכני חשמל, מתן רשיונות.

      During the period of public comment, we are able to voice our objection to the proposed rate increase. So, if you would like to object, take a minute and send an e-mail!

  2. I respectfully suggest that you make a realistic assessment of your personal power vis a vis these massive entrenched organizations with money and personal ties to the government ministers.
    If you can see clearly that you will have no effect on their decisions, the only way to respond to this news is to cut your own electricity use, by, say, 19%. Most people can do this if they make an effort to find out how.
    Doing so and publicizing it would be a far better way to serve the country.
    If we are personally resilient and self-sufficient we are less reliant on corporations that would exploit us.

    1. Thanks for your comment, vatika. I am all for increased efficiency and self-sufficiency, themes which I think resonate throughout NoFryers.com. However, reducing electrical usage enough to cover the retroactive and future increases is a tall order for some. Moreover, since sending an e-mail objection to the proposed increased only takes a minute, I think it is well worth the time investment given the potentially significant returns.

  3. 1. חברת החשמל יכולה להפחית את שכרם באופן רטרואקטיבי 1 ינואר 2009
    2. חברת החשמל צריכה לתבוע את הספק הישראלי עלות כל מגדילה הקשורים לאספקת אי של גז טבעי
    3. המנכ”ל צריך להיות מפוטר בניהול כושל וחתימת עסקה כזאת מסוכנת.

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