Pelephone, Rami Levy, and HOT Mobile users lost service on 3 Feb. 2013.  Pelephone customers must choose which compensation offer they prefer.

Out of OrderIf you use Pelephone, Rami Levy, or HOT Mobile, you may have noticed that your service went down on Sunday 3 February 2013 from 19:05 until around 23:00.  Pelephone is offering its customers a choice in how to receive their compensation for this inconvenience.

Compensation options
Your choices are:

  1. 60 minutes of calling in Israel
  2. 60 minutes of calling abroad to the US, selected destinations in Europe (likely landlines only), etc.
  3. 500 MB of data

Picking your compensation
According to media reports, you will be able to select your compensation as follows:

  • When: Beginning Wednesday 6 February 2013 for a period of one week
  • How: Via the Pelephone website or by calling them at *166
  • Using your compensation: From when you register your compensation option, it will be valid for 30 days.

Resending of SMSs during service interruption
Pelephone also stated that customers who resent SMSs multiple times during the service interruption will not be charged for the additional attempts to send the same SMS.  Pelephone is supposed to handle this independently, and you are not supposed to have to take any action for this to happen.

Rami Levy and HOT Mobile customers not offered compensation, yet
Though Rami Levy and HOT Mobile customers were affected as they use Pelephone’s network as well, there have been no announcements as of yet of any compensation for them.


Let us know in the comments if the process goes smoothly.

Update 6 Feb 2013:
Signing up for the freebie worked like a charm.  I did it online via the Pelephone website and received a confirmation SMS when the benefit went into effect.  Registration can also be done by calling *2424.

Full details of the conditions are available now.  For those who pick the international calling option, you must use the prefix 014 when dialing, and the following countries are included:

  • Landline & cellular: USA, Canada
  • Landline only: Austia, Italy, Ireland, Belgium, UK, Germany, Denmark, Holland, Hungary, Norway, Spain, Portugal, Czech Republic, France, Sweden, Switzerland

11 thoughts on “Pelephone customers must choose Feb. 2013 crash compensation

  1. Any idea how to get details? My wife is in the states, so I don’t know if it will help her. (it would be “roamng”.)

    Was this in the tikshoret? I am pretty isolated from Israeli media.

  2. There are no prompts on the phone to process in English, only Hebrew, Arabic and Russian. I have no way to communicate with them. How can I process my request?

      1. No such thing as rudimentary Hebrew. – it is the language of Avraham Avinu, the language the world was created in and you would like to rudimentarize it ?!

  3. Are they going to tell anyone about this? This is the first I’ve ehard. Shouldn’t they have to mail all of their customers?

    No, I am not “plugged in” to the media. I don’t even think they sent me an SMS.

    1. They probably should, shouldn’t they? I haven’t heard anything directly yet either, mzk1, and I have a Pelephone line, too. I guess that’s why there is No Fryers 🙂

    1. SkyWalker, I would agree that it’s not a tremendous amount of value, though the exact cash equivalent may vary from person to person. But, for many, it likely represents somewhere between 5 and 10% of their monthly cell phone cost, so it is probably worth a minute or two to register.

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