Discount shoe retailer Payless Shoesource has entered the Israeli market, promising to bring convenience and good prices to local consumers.

As of this week, Payless stores are open in Petach Tikva’s Avnat Mall and Beersheva’s Seventh Avenue shopping center.

Regular prices are listed as follows:

  • Children’s shoes – 59.90 – 159.90 NIS
  • Men’s & women’s shoes – 79.90 – 229.90 NIS

In addition to the regular prices, frequent sales are promised.

Six times a year we’ll offer 50% off the second product each customer buys….

If the current locations are too out of the way, more are coming soon.

According to Sakal, six additional Payless ShoeSource stores will open in Haifa, the Krayot area, Ashdod, Nazareth and Jerusalem between April and June. Nine additional stores will open between July and December in Rishon Lezion, Rehovot and other cities. Sakal is still in talks for opening the chain’s stores in Tel Aviv.

Plans are for a total of 60 locations within five years.

Check it out, and share your experience in the comments!

Update (16 Sept. 2011): Payless is open in Jerusalem’s Ramot Alon mall.
Update (18 Oct. 2011): Sakal has finally posted on their website the list of open Payless branches, including addresses, phone numbers, and hours of operation.  In addition to Petach Tikva, Beersheva, and Jerusalem, branches are open in Rechovot, Haifa, Ashdod, Nazareth Illit, and Acre.

10 thoughts on “Payless Shoesource now in Israel

  1. bh
    i dont know if this is the right place to put this but i would like to commend a girl who helped in the payless shoe store in ramot on tuesday the 23rd of april at about one oclock
    her name is adi i think??
    she was the kindest sweetest patient honest sales clerk
    she spent about 45 minutes with me helping me to try to find a pair of shoes which in the end i finally found then she herself cleaned it all up
    there was another sales girl there who told me to clean everything up so/….
    kol hakavod to this girl

  2. It would be smart to open a branch in Beit Shemesh, so many Americans / Canadians/ Brits/ South-Africans/ and Australians live in Ramat Beit Shemesh Alef, The Olim are familiar with payless shoes, and would flock to your store to buy shoes.
    Thank you… Yosef Loeb

  3. Jerusaalem branch opened this week in the new Ramot mall. Big shop, lots of choice, I wasn’t looking to buy, just looking to look, so I can’t comment on the service.

  4. I went there today, and there were pluses and minuses. The prices were good, and the staff was helpful. There was a plentiful selection of boys’ sandals. The problem was that I was looking for girls’ sandals. There were zero pairs of girls’ sandals in my daughter’s size or the sizes directly smaller and larger. (I did get them to check for me in the back.) If you are in the area, I would definitely check it out, but the selection was such that I think I’ll wait to go again until they open a store a bit closer to me.

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