Unbreakable AlliancePresident Obama will be in Jerusalem 20-22 March. If you will be too, you need to know about changes to parking, road closures, and traffic.

Residents of Jerusalem are anticipating pkak-alypse (a traffic-induced state of apocalypse) due to US President Obama’s visit to Jerusalem Wednesday, 20 March through Friday, 22 March.  Many will be shuttering themselves in their homes, but for those of us who have to park our cars on the street or venture outdoors, helpful information is below.

The big picture (literally) from the Jerusalem Municipality
The Jerusalem Municipality has put together a handy sheet with general info.  Those who park on the street should take special note of on which streets there will be no parking and all vehicles will be towed.

Parking & traffic changes for US President Obama's visit to Jerusalem

Specific updates from the Israel Police
In very dramatic fashion, the Israel Police have created a section of their website dedicated specifically to President Obama’s visit to Israel.  Precise updates should be made there as information becomes available and things change.  The most recent update includes maps and specific times roads will be closed.

Waze for live updates
Both the Israel Police and the Jerusalem Municipality are recommending that anyone driving in Jerusalem use Waze in order to keep up with traffic jams and road closures, though if everything is jammed up it might seem less helpful than usual.

Best of luck, and may this celebration of an unbreakable alliance not give you a breakdown during this week of preparations before Passover!

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