As Election Day draws to a close, you may wonder how to find out who won.  The Central Elections Committee will provide live, updated results online! finish lineSo, you have already found your polling place and figured out the answers to when you vote, what you need to bring, how you decide how to vote, and all the other important questions about elections.  You must be asking yourself the next logical question – how do I find out who won? For the first time ever, the Israeli Central Elections Committee will be publishing the results live on the web for all to see.  No longer will you have to wait for the media to update their sites or wade through reams of analysis.  Here are the details…

  • When will results be reported?  After 22:00 on Elections Night (Tuesday 22 January 2013)
  • How often will they be updated?  Every 10 minutes
  • Where can I view the results?  At
  • What kind of device is the site viewable from?  The announcement states that it will be viewable from any kind of smartphone or tablet.  One might assume that it could be viewable from many computers as well, but that may be wishful thinking.  It works from computers as well.

Hope your election fever passes soon!

3 thoughts on “Official 2013 Knesset Election results available live online

  1. It seems to works on my computer.

    P.S. I found the party selection tool to make unsubstatiated claims, or more correctly, claim – I only checked one case.

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