The Israeli Ministry of Health has opened direct communication channels to reach the public with information and updates about coronavirus (COVID-19).

Originally published 5 March 2020.  Updated 12 March 2020.


A lot of rumors are running through WhatsApp groups and from person to person.  To put an end to that, the Health Ministry is now providing official communications direct to the public.

Three ways to get updates from the Ministry of Health

  1. Telegram: For Telegram users, it’s as simple as joining the over 67,000 in another channel: קורונה עדכונים משרד הבריאות; there’s also an Arabic-language channel as well.  Telegram is a messaging app like WhatsApp, and simple to use.  (No Fryers recently opened a channel there.)
  2. Smartphone app: Both Android and iOS versions of the whimsically named CoronApp are available.
  3. Web: You can also check in on the Ministry website dedicated to Spokesperson Announcements on the Coronavirus.

Each of these methods shares Israel Ministry of Health coronavirusthe latest updates about possible exposures, orders from the Israel Police, advice on how to lower your risk, and more.

Wishing everyone good health!

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2 thoughts on “Official Israeli government coronavirus updates

  1. All notices on the CoronApp from health ministry are only in ivrit. There are many other languages spoken. We are left in the dark. Where do we get updates in English?

    1. With the frequency of updates, it seems the Ministry of Health is only capable of providing updates in Hebrew.

      However, one thing you can try is to use either the Telegram or web option in a Chrome browser. Then, select the translate this page function, and Google Translate will do its best. Of course, the translation is not perfect, but it should give you some idea of what’s going on.

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