No Fryers is in the news!  Today, we were featured in Makor Rishon which was picked up by Galei Tzahal‘s morning program.

Makor Rishon is a daily, Hebrew-language newspaper, and No Fryers got today’s back page feature.


Makor Rishon‘s article on No Fryers was also mentioned on Israel Army Radio’s “יוצאים לאור” program this morning.


Thanks to all of you subscribers and readers for helping us help more people by spreading the word through email, Facebook, and Twitter.  Hopefully, these media mentions will encourage more fellow Israelis to join us in our mission to understand, stay informed, and get ahead in our daily lives in Israel!

2 thoughts on “No Fryers featured in Makor Rishon, Israel Army Radio (Galei Tzahal)

  1. Shekeach !
    I love this website, very deserved that you got featured in the news.
    Have ESRA , and perhaps Telfed and Nefesh B Nefesh done any articles about the site?

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