Israel cellular internet users now have the new and exciting choice to be charged by speed instead of data usage.  Cellcom has introduced into the market a series of packages for new customers that will allow them to buy internet the same way we do at home – by download / upload speed instead of by data quantity.

As The Marker reports, the new all-you-can-eat plans include the following options:

  • Download / upload speed up to 384 kbps – 24.90 NIS / month
  • Download / upload speed up to 512 kbps – 49.90 NIS / month
  • Download /upload speed up to 1 Mbps – 69.90 NIS / month
  • Download up to 2.8 Mbps / upload speed up to 1.2 Mbps – 139.90 NIS / month

These plans will seemingly eliminate the need to watch your data usage throughout the month to avoid hefty overage charges.

5 thoughts on “New all-you-can-eat cellular data plans at Cellcom

  1. I have the 1 Mbps unlimited plan and i’ve gotta say it’s very reliable. If you have an android phone like me, you can tether to your laptop removing the need for the dongle while paying the same prices

    1. Leo,
      Thank you for sharing. I have an almost unrelated question… 🙂 I am looking into purchasing an android phone in the States and have it brought to me by someone. There are so many options, it makes my head spin. So, I am looking for recommendations. Could you make suggestions as to what to look for and what to be aware of when getting an android phone abroad and using it here in Israel? What in your opinion would be the best bang for the buck?
      If you could give a recommendation, I’d be utmost thankful.

  2. Will this be available as data-only plans (like usb dongles for laptops) or just as add-ons to regular phone packages? Also, will there be a long-term commitment required?

    1. According to the Cellcom representative with whom I spoke, there is no commitment, and you could get a data-only plan with the one-time purchase of a SIM (180 NIS). A USB-modem plan would require the purchase of the fastest all-you-can-eat data plan.

      If you end up signing up, let us know what you think.

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