014 Bezeq International and Rami Levy are teaming up to offer 500 minutes of calling for just 1 NIS to a variety of international destinations.

Details of the offer

  • When is the offer valid?  February 2012
  • Who is eligible?
    Private customers – so don’t use a business line.
    – Rami Levy “customers” – but no purchase is necessary!
  • Can I use my mobile phone, too?  Both landline and cell phones are eligible.
  • Is registration necessary?  Yes
  • How do I register?
    Call 014 Bezeq International at 1-800-014-014 or *5014.
    – Press 4 for English.  Wait if you are not a customer and do not have a customer ID to enter.  Press 2 for international calling.
    – Ask for the “מדברים כל החודש ב-1 ש”ח גם מהנייד” plan.
    – They will ask for your name, ID number (מספר זהות), address, home phone number, and the number from which you wish to make the 500 minutes of calls.  They will also ask for the code from Rami Levy which is 04014.  And, you will need to give them your credit card information so they can charge you the 1 NIS fee.
  • How do I know how many minutes I have left?  If you call 014 Bezeq International customer service at 1-800-014-014, they can tell you how many minutes you have left.  However, there is a slight delay in reporting of half a day or a day I am told, so I would try to keep a rough track on your own.
  • They want me to sign up for another plan, too.  Do I have to?  No.  As this is a sales promotion, it is to be expected that they will be interested in signing you up for one of their regular plans.  I told the representative that I only wanted the 1 NIS plan for February, and I’ll call back in March if I want anything else.
  • What countries are included?  According to the offer, it is for the US and Western European landlines.  When I called and spoke with a representative (Tal), she told me that the list was the same as during their last offering.  These destinations include:
    • US
    • Canada
    • Britain & Northern Ireland (landline)
    • France (landline)
    • Belgium (landline)
    • Germany (landline)
    • Austria (landline)
    • Italy (landline)
    • Spain (landline)
    • Portugal (landline)
    • Switzerland (landline)
    • Sweden (landline)
    • Finland (landline)
    • Holland (landline)
    • Denmark (landline)
    • Iceland (landline)
    • Norway (landline)
    • Andorra (landline)
    • San Marino (landline)
    • Monaco (landline)
    • Malta (landline)
    • Luxemberg (landline)
    • Liechtenstein (landline)

While it sounds too good to be true, 014 Bezeq International offered a week of free calling during restricted hours in November 2011, and neither Mrs. Matzliach nor I got charged an agora for it.

Enjoy nearly free international calling this month!  And, share the deal with your friends; I’m sure they’ll thank you.

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