17 January 2022

Nationwide problem on the Cellcom network

Wondering why calls from your Cellcom phone aren’t working or calls to that Cellcom number aren’t getting through?  There’s a nationwide problem affecting Cellcom customers. Twitter is a blaze with the news, and the Calcalist reports:

תקלה ארצית ברשת סלקום
לקוחות חברת סלקום ברחבי הארץ מדווחים על שיבושים ברשת הסלולארית. החברה מסרה כי קיים קושי זמני בקבלה ובהוצאה של שיחות טלפון אצל חלק מהלקוחות


  1. I couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t call my parents-in-law! Thanks!

    • Mr. Matzliach says

      It’s my pleasure, Paul. Stay tuned, and I hope I can continue to provide helpful information.

  2. Thank you! I could not figure out what was going on today. I thought maybe there was a problem with my phone.

    • Mr. Matzliach says

      You’re welcome! I only found out because I wasn’t able to reach any Cellcom numbers. When I read that the problem was more extensive than my attempts, I was glad to know it wasn’t just me either.


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