Tomorrow 14 February 2013 the Home Front Command will carry out a nationwide emergency drill for our kids.

  • What: Nationwide defense drillIsrael Home Front Command
  • When: 14 February 2013 at 10:05
  • Where: Nationwide, except for areas surrounding Gaza (full list of locations not participating)
  • What will happen:
    • Everyone (except for areas near Gaza) will hear the siren.  A “Personal Message” (מסר אישי / messer ishi) will be sent to all those with cellphones that are capable of receiving them and cellphone providers that participate in the program.
    • Those in educational facilities are expected to act as they would if they heard an actual siren and head to their protected rooms.
    • Others are not required to do anything, but are encouraged to use the opportunity to find where they would go if an actual emergency was happening.

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