3 December 2021

Official 2013 Knesset Election results available live online

As Election Day draws to a close, you may wonder how to find out who won.  The Central Elections Committee will provide live, updated results online!

The Ultimate Citizen’s Guide to the 2013 Knesset Elections

Wondered when, where, or how we vote; do we need to register or can we vote absentee; or how we figure out who to vote for? Then this is the guide for you!

Tools to help decide your vote in 2013 Knesset elections

As the 2013 Knesset elections approach, many have yet to decide how to vote.  Online tools can help find the party which most closely matches your views.

Listen to live Israeli radio from your smartphone

Want to listen to the radio or need to keep up with live news when you’re on the go or at work?  There’s a smartphone app that can help you do just that.

Daylight savings time ends; change your clocks

Summer time is ending, and it’s almost time to change your clocks!  Find out when clocks change from 2012 through 2016 in Israel.