18 May 2022

Sell your chametz online

Looking for the most convenient way to sell your chametz?  Chabad, Tzohar, and Kipa will all let you do it online in just a few minutes.

Find Your Polling Place

Where do I vote?  Israeli voters may only vote in their assigned polling station. Find out where you will be voting in the upcoming elections.

2015 Knesset Election: Candidates, Platforms, Quizzes, Polls

Still undecided?  Find the lists of parties and candidates running, party platforms, campaign promises, election quizzes, the candidates’ debate, and the latest election polling.

The Complete Guide to Israeli Media

This is your guide to all the Israeli media outlets you need – radio, TV, and newspapers – plus, embedded live Twitter feeds to keep you up-to-date.

Israeli Newborn Baby Checklist

This is a guide to what to do after having a baby in Israel – get a bigger tax credit, Kupat Cholim card before naming your baby, and much more!

Polling Places’ Hours of Operation

You already know who you are voting for and where you are voting in the 2013 Israeli municipal elections, but do you know when you can vote?

The Ultimate Israeli Citizen’s Guide to the 2013 Municipal Elections

Wondered when, where, or how to vote? Are you registered? Then, this is your guide to local elections – as featured in The Jerusalem Post.