18 May 2022

Find All Your Pension, Retirement, and Keren Hishtalmut Accounts

Find all your keren hishtalmut, keren pensiya, bituach menhalim, and kupat gemel accounts – for free.

2016 Keren Hishtalmut Data

The Ministry of Finance (MOF) sponsors a site called GemelNet, which includes data regarding all of the keren hishtalmut options available.

Leumi Free Card – a Fee-Free, Israeli Credit Card

Tired of paying up to 20 NIS / month (240 NIS / year) for a credit card with little to no benefits?  Want a backup card?  Then, the Leumi Free Card is for you. The Leumi Free Card is a no-cost, fee-free Israeli credit card – open to customers of all banks – with no […]

Calculate your Bituach Leumi child allowance

Calculate how much child allowance (קצבת ילדים / kitzbat yeladim) you are entitled to from Bituach Leumi with a very simple online calculator.

Mortgage insurance: Are you covered for third-party liability?

Your mortgage insurance might seem like a great deal, but it is only if it covers everything you need.  Does yours include third-party liability?

Leumi Card dumping (low value) points system

For those who have been accruing points on their Leumi Card credit cards, the party is almost over.

Holocaust survivors need to know their rights

Holocaust survivors – which can be defined in more than one way – are entitled to a wide variety of benefits.  If you or a loved one fit that description, make sure you know what benefits are available.