Have a Cellcom cell phone line you don’t use much but aren’t ready to give up?  A ‘secret’ plan can keep your line open and save cash.

Secret plan
I heard about the “מדברים אליך” program from a Cellcom sales representative, though Cellcom doesn’t seem interested in advertising it as I couldn’t find it mentioned on their website.  This program is designed for low-use lines, and the Cellcom rep offered it to me when I told him I was considering dumping a little-used line.

Plan details
The details of the program are…

  • Name of the program: “מדברים אליך”
  • Contract period: none
  • Monthly cost: 6.90 NIS
  • Charge per minute to landlines or mobile phones: 0.4899 NIS
Maybe you have a personal line you don’t use as much because you have a phone from work, or you have a line that you give to a child or grandparent who doesn’t use it very much.  If you’re a Cellcom customer and the program makes sense for you, consider giving the company a call, see if they’ll let you make the switch, and let us know how it goes in the comments.

5 thoughts on “Low-use Cellcom customers save with ‘secret’ plan

  1. My wife Phoned Cellcom and they have said this package is no longer available. Their cheapest is NIS29.00 with calls of NIS0.69.

    I am sure if I tell them I am going to port to another network, the package will “suddenly” become available

    1. Yitzi, you bring up an important issue. When I wrote this article, I had the package on one of our three lines. At the end of November, I called back to have a second line switched. The first representative also told me that the package wasn’t available and recommended an alternate package (that would have been more expensive than even what I was paying at the time). I was polite but persistent and kept asking why they couldn’t just put a second line on the same package. The representative finally transferred me to a manager who also pushed the alternate package. Finally, the manager said she’d give me some time to think about it and if she called me later in the day and I still wanted the “מדברים אליך” plan she would put the second line on it. She did call back later, I still wanted it, and she put the second line on it. Altogether, it took under an hour by phone to go through the whole process.

      So, the short answer to your question is that, yes, I bet if you tell them you’ve gotten a better offer elsewhere then the package will magically become available to you.

  2. just as useful and no hassle, buy a prepaid sim and just top off when you run out of time.
    No hassles, no commitments, no worries

    1. Yaakov, that could be a good idea. Of course, it depends on the monthly charge associated (if any), the per minute charge, and the customer’s usage rate.

      It would seem that at Pelephone they charge 9.90 NIS / month and 0.49 NIS / minute for their prepaid “Talk & Go” options. In that scenario, the “מדברים אליך” program at Cellcom would beat it hands down.

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