Want to listen to the radio or need to keep up with live news when you’re on the go or at work?  There’s a smartphone app that can help you do just that.

When I got to work yesterday, I wanted to be able to follow the situation in the south.  Not wanting to refresh the home pages of news sites every few minutes, I tried to load the live broadcasts of Reshet Bet and Galei Tzahal.  My efforts were quickly thwarted by the need to install plugins and a lack of permissions on my work computer.  So, I turned back to my smartphone, to an app I’ve used for a few months to listen to Israeli radio on the go.

tfsRadio Israel is available in both the Android and iTunes stores.  (As a note, I use the Android version and haven’t tested the iTunes one.)  Among other stations it includes:

  • News / Talk: Reshet Bet, Galei Tzahal, Israel National Radio / Arutz Sheva (English), Reshet Aleph
  • Music: Galgalatz, Eco 99 FM, Reshet Gimmel
  • Religious: Radio Kol Hai
  • And dozens more…

tfsRadio Israel works on Wi-Fi or 3G, with headphones and without.

Another app option is TuneIn Radio.  It is available for Android and iPhones as well.

12 thoughts on “Listen to live Israeli radio from your smartphone

  1. I mostly use tunein, after tfsradio had mostly breaks in service (I live in Maale Chever, near Hebron). But I keep tfs on my phone, just in case.

  2. What a world and how amazing is an IPhone. I have two apps: one is called IsraelRadio and the other TuneIn Radio. They are both great and I can have one on the phone and the other on the computer. Both are ITune Apps. Because I am registered as in Israel, TuneIn radio gives me the Israeli stations when I choose location. May HaShem keep our citizens in the south and the IDF safe. May life return to normal without Hamas in Gaza.

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