22 May 2022

Israeli Salary Calculators

Calculate how much you will take home after taxes and benefits – and how much you cost your employer – using a simple online calculator.

calculatorWhat’s a Salary Calculator Useful For?

Did you ever wonder…

  • How much will I take home after taxes?
  • How much of that raise will I get to keep?
  • How much do my salary and benefits cost my employer?
  • How much will starting a keren hishtalmut affect my take-home pay and the cost to my employer?

Hilan’s Salary Calculator

The salary calculator I rely on the most is published by Hilan.  Like all salary calculators, Hilan clearly displays not only net (take-home) pay, but also how much is being deducted for income tax, Bituach Leumi, pension, and more.

A unique feature that Hilan offers is that it shows you what the employer’s cost is.  This can be useful in a number of circumstances, such as when dealing with an employer from abroad or when trying to convince an employer to offer a benefit such as keren hishtalmut.

Hilan’s salary calculator can be found on their website.

Alternate Salary Calculator

If you are looking for an alternate, you can try Malam’s salary calculator.


  1. Is this calculator available in English?

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