Calculate how much you will take home after taxes and benefits – and how much you cost your employer – using a simple online calculator.

calculatorWhat’s a Salary Calculator Useful For?

Did you ever wonder…

  • How much will I take home after taxes?
  • How much of that raise will I get to keep?
  • How much do my salary and benefits cost my employer?
  • How much will starting a keren hishtalmut affect my take-home pay and the cost to my employer?

Hilan’s Salary Calculator

The salary calculator I rely on the most is published by Hilan.  Like all salary calculators, Hilan clearly displays not only net (take-home) pay, but also how much is being deducted for income tax, Bituach Leumi, pension, and more.

A unique feature that Hilan offers is that it shows you what the employer’s cost is.  This can be useful in a number of circumstances, such as when dealing with an employer from abroad or when trying to convince an employer to offer a benefit such as keren hishtalmut.

Hilan’s salary calculator can be found on their website.

Alternate Salary Calculator

If you are looking for an alternate, you can try Malam’s salary calculator.

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