Because of the rocket fire from Gaza, some radio stations will be running silent broadcasts that will only be interrupted in case of siren over Shabbat.

Silent broadcasts / גל שקט
While many of us can hear sirens quite clearly, others may have difficulty, especially when asleep.  A number of radio stations will be running silent broadcasts (גל שקט / gal shaket) over Shabbat.  This means that there will be no talk or music over Shabbat, and silence will only be broken if there is a siren.

Radio stations broadcasting over Shabbat (16 – 17 Nov. 2012)
Below is a list of stations which are participating.  “Confirmed” means that they have officially stated so on their website.  “Unconfirmed” means that there are reports in forums that the stations are participating, which is very likely but not absolutely certain.

Most of these stations are also available through a smartphone app that lets you listen to Israeli radio via Wi-Fi or 3G.

Please share this info with your friends and family whether Shabbat observant or not.  If you hear of more stations participating, please post in the comments!

Also, please remember the Home Front Command guidelines of what to do during a siren.  They could save your life.

4 thoughts on “Radio stations that will broadcast only sirens over Shabbat (16 – 17 Nov. 2012)

  1. Thanks for the info. Do you know if there’s a website or a silent radio station where *during the week* you can find out when/where sirens are going off without having to listen to radio broadcasts all day?

    1. David, I don’t know of one. It would be a good service to have, but I believe it is mainly made available over Shabbat. If you hear of something, please let us know.

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