22 May 2022

Radio stations broadcasting only sirens over Shabbat (11 – 12 July 2014)

Radio stations in each region will be running silent broadcasts that will only be interrupted in case of a siren over Shabbat.

radioSilent broadcasts / גל שקט
While most of us can hopefully hear sirens quite clearly, others may have difficulty in their area, especially when asleep.  A number of radio stations will be running silent broadcasts (גל שקט / gal shaket) over Shabbat.  This means that there will be no talk or music over Shabbat, and silence will only be broken if there is a siren.

Radio stations broadcasting over Shabbat (11 – 12 July 2014)
During this Shabbat of Operation Protective Edge (צוק איתן / Eitan Tzuk), the following stations in each region will be operating silent broadcasts.

silent broadcast stations July 2014

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  1. Michael says

    This is pretty close to real time.


  2. Raphael Freeman says

    And for those of us who don’t own a radio…

    is there a website?

    • There’s no website that provides alerts per region. There are a few private, regional radio stations that are turning over their broadcasts to silent over Shabbat, but I do not have a comprehensive list nor the time before Shabbat. Sorry, and stay safe!

      • One can connect to a radio station via the internet. For example, I connected to Kol Baramah. The problem is, that it broadcast Tzeva Adom, but did not say where.

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