In the two weeks before Passover, incidents of accidental poisonings increase dramatically.  You need to know who to call if a child or adult is accidentally exposed to dangerous substances.

The Ministry of Health, BeTerem (National Center for Children’s Safety & Health), and the National Poison Control Center at Ramban Medical Center in Haifa are warning parents to watch their kids carefully when cleaning in preparation for Passover.  The number of poisonings increases by 25 to 33% in the two weeks before Passover.  Approximately half of those poisoned are children under the age of 6, and about 95% of those poisonings occur at home.

Keep substances locked up and in their original containers.  Keep an eye on your children.  And, if (G-d forbid) someone gets a hold of substance that they shouldn’t (whether it is medicine, a cleaning agent, or something else), get medical help!  The staff of the National Poison Control Center is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 04-854-1900.

Unfortunately, I’ve had reason to call before.  (Baby got a hold of the Vitamin D drops and started drinking!)  I found the staff to be very quick, professional, and helpful.

Print out the number of poison control and stick it on your fridge.

National Poison Control Center / המכון הארצי למידע בהרעלות


Have a happy and safe Passover!

2 thoughts on “Poison Control urges care during Passover prep

  1. Thank you so much for this post. Unfortunately, it just came in handy. After my toddler swallowed some medication, I raced to the fridge for the Poison Control number – and it wasn’t there! I remembered it had been on your site, so I went to this post, and gave them a call. Thank G-d, in our case, there was no danger. Hopefully, no one else reading this will need it, but just so you know, a doctor answered the phone and was extremely helpful. He or she will first ask for your name and number then will get right to the heart of the matter.

    1. Relieved Ima, I’m so relieved that everything is okay! I’m very glad that the site helped you get help quick. I hope you print out the number and put it on your fridge just in case for the future.

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