Wish there was a better way to find out about lab results or be reminded of appointments?  Maccabi health fund offers a personalized reminder service.

Reminder service
This little-known service is a real help.  For anyone who has had lab work done, the results often come back piecemeal, which means that you might have to remember to log in and check for results multiple times.  Using the Maccabi reminder service, you will be notified each time results are posted.

How to sign up
Signing up for the reminder service takes just a few simple steps.

  1. Log into the Maccabi website.
  2. Under “פעולות מקוונות” (online activities), select “תזכורת אישית” (personal reminder).
  3. Select all options or just the ones you are interested in such as “תוצאות בדיקות מעבדה” (laboratory test results) and “זימון תורים” (appointments).
  4. Make sure that the e-mail address and mobile phone number shown on the page are the ones to which you want reminders sent.  (You can check and update all of your contact information through the “עדכון פרטים אישיים” link under  “פעולות מקוונות.”)
  5. Read the terms and conditions and check the box next to “קראתי והנני מסכים לכל תנאי השירות.”
  6. Save your changes by selecting “שמירת שינויים.”

In addition to being helpful to set this up for yourself, it can be very useful to set this up for your kids as well.  You can fill in a parent’s cell phone number and e-mail address.


Even healthy people see the doctor and get checked out once in a while, so all Maccabi patients should consider taking advantage of this free, helpful service!

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