For those who have been accruing points on their Leumi Card credit cards, the party is almost over.

Rewards system ending
According to an announcement on the Leumi Card website, “נקודות והטבות לאומי קארד” will be ending shortly.

  • Point accrual will end 01.01.2012.
  • Spending your accrued points must be done by 31.12.2012.  Any points leftover after the end of next year will be lost.

Not missing much
Leumi customers, like me, may have enjoyed getting a little extra value wherever possible.  However, Globes did the math and calculated the very low rate of return we’ll be missing to be equivalent to only 0.022% cash back at best.


If you have points on your Leumi Card credit card, use ’em before you lose ’em!

4 thoughts on “Leumi Card dumping (low value) points system

    1. Warren, there are lots of ways they can be used, though the value isn’t that spectacular. Leumi Card shares information about point specials in your monthly bill as well as through their website. For example, right now you can use your points (at the ratio of 130 points equals 1 NIS) for an up to 50% discount at Nimrod.

      Besides specials, you can always donate your points to selected charities or exchange them for frequent flier miles.

  1. Stupid question but how do I know if I have points accumulated or not? Is it easy to find on Leumi’s website?

    1. Anonymous, it’s a good question. If you have a login to the Leumi Card website, you can check the points associated with your card(s) by selecting the option “נקודות” under “החשבון שלי”.

      If you don’t have a login, you can also check your next Leumi Card statement. On the top left of the bill, your points should be listed next to “נקודות בחשבון”.

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