With the start of the new school year, the Ministry of Education has opened a situation room to answer pressing questions from students and parents.

What is the situation room for?
Do you have important questions your kid’s school can’t answer?  Among other things, the situation room is open to parents and students with important questions about the new year.  Israel Hayom quotes the Ministry of Education on the initiative:

“המטרה היא לעקוב מקרוב אחר פתיחה מסודרת ותקינה של שנת הלימודים ולתת מענה מיידי ומיטבי לצוותי ההוראה, להורים ולתלמידים”, הסבירו במשרד החינוך.

When is the situation room open?
It is open Sunday 26 August 2012 from 18:00 until 22:00 and will re-open Monday 27 August 2012 from 06:30 until 10:30.

How can the situation room be reached?
The Ministry of Education has opened a number of channels for you to reach them:

What about when the situation room is closed?
If you still have a question and the situation room is no longer open, the Ministry of Education website directs you to contact them as follows:

Best of luck in the new school year!

2 thoughts on “Education Ministry opens situation room at start of 2012-2013 year

  1. To whom this may concern.
    This is an ongoing issue with excessively noicy neighbors.
    We reside in Ramat Hasharon (Yehuda Hanasi 32)and we have a neighbor (Ben Zakai 8) who insists on having outdoor events on regular basis where the noise level is quite high, and I should add the noise level pierces through closed windows. In addition as of late they are also operating gardening equipment at such hours as 21:00 hrs. I am certain that the decibel level is higher than allowed and I ask that this matter be investigated.
    Our concern is that we have an infant that is constantly awakened by these actions. And quite frankly after a hard days work one needs some peace and quiet at home.
    We have addressed the neighbors on several occasion only to be given the response that they are operating within the law. Sadly, though they might be, their inconsideration of others is uphowling and no other neighbors behave this way.
    Enclosing we rush to thank you in advance for any all assistance you might provide is this delicate matter. After all neighbors do need to get along but that’s hard when selfishness overrides common decency.

    1. Avi, sorry to hear of all the difficulty you and your family are experiencing. There are two articles on NoFryers.com about noise issues: New noise regulations to bring more peace and quiet and More on noise regulations in residential areas. In those articles, the limitations on use of gardening equipment (19:00 on weekdays and 17:00 on Fridays), amplified sound (23:00 on weekdays and midnight on Friday night), and how to report violations are included.

      I am sure it won’t solve all of your issues, but hopefully your neighbors will respect the law and might be even more considerate than they are legally required.

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