Testing center (מכון מיון / machon miyun) industry, you are on notice!  Job applicants are entitled to the results of their assessment tests.


Testing results could have previously cost you a bundle
Many employers require candidates to undergo a series of tests at a testing center as part of the job application process.  Candidates are often left wondering, “How did I do?”  Previously, some assessment centers would withhold results or charge candidates hundreds of shekels to find out how they did.  Many thought that was unfair given the fact that the testing was already paid for by the potential employer and providing results should only add up to the cost of a few sheets of paper.

On 29 February 2012, the Ministry of Justice’s Law, Information, and Technology Authority issued a clarification to the testing center industry on the right of candidates to access their testing results.


Employment testing results are yours
After taking a job assessment, you are entitled to receive the results for free!  Some of the pertinent points include:

  • Access to the information is free of charge.
  • The same results should be provided to you that were provided to the employer.
  • Without your permission, your information cannot be used for anything but the reason you came in for the test.
  • Your information must be deleted or completely anonymized once it is no longer required for the assessment you were undergoing.
  • In two cases information may be withheld in part or in full.  In order to protect the integrity of the test or trade secrets, a small amount of the results may be withheld.  In extreme cases, the results can be withheld from the candidate if there is a belief that it will result in harm to the candidate’s health.
  • This clarification is “retroactive” in a sense. Since it is a clarification of how the industry should have been operating and not a new regulation, this applies to testing results that even took place before the announcement.


If denied results, you may have recourse
According to Yedioth Ahronot, the Ministry of Justice is giving the testing industry three months to come into compliance but will begin levying fines – as high as 15,000 NIS per incident – after this.

ממשרד המשפטים נמסר כי המשרד יחל באכיפת החוק רק בעוד שלושה חודשים על מנת לתת למעסיקים זמן הסתגלות. עם התחלת האכיפה יקנוס המשרד מכונים ומעסיקים שלא יבצעו את ההנחיות בקנס מינהלי בגובה 15 אלף שקל.

If you have any problems, try showing the testing center a copy of the directive.  If you still have a problem, try being in touch with the Technology and Information Law Authority.  They even have a way to submit complaints online, via email, or by fax.


Good luck in your job search, and enjoy your new found ability to learn from your testing results!

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