The Home Front Command (פיקוד העורף) has announced a national drill to take place on Wednesday 22.06.2011 as part of Turning Point 5 (נקודת מפנה 5).  Sirens will be sounded at 11:00 and at 19:00.

During the national drill siren
Citizens are requested to enter their protected places whether they are at work or at home.  (Unlike the memorial sirens, vehicles on the road should continue as normal.)

National Drill 22.06.2011

This advertisement is part of the Home Front Command’s effort to raise awareness about the national drill.

Staying up-to-date with the Home Front Command
The Home Front Command regularly tests sirens in particular regions.  You can stay up-to-date by following the Home Front Command on Facebook.  If you ever hear sirens unexpectedly, it is always wise to seek cover and then check with the Home Front Command (by calling 1207, checking their Facebook page, or going to their website).


Let your kids know about the upcoming exercise, and consider putting the Home Front Command’s phone number on your fridge and following them on Facebook!

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