Want an easy way for people abroad to reach you? Golan Telecom offers local numbers abroad that are forwarded to your Israeli cell phone.

“My International Number”
In an announcement on their website, Golan is offering customers of its Unlimited (99 NIS / month) and Birthday (50 NIS / month) plans a new, free benefit called “My International Number”:

  • Golan TelecomLocal numbers are currently available in the USA, Canada, UK, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Denmark, Italy, Austria, and Sweden. ¬†More locations are promised in the future.
  • Each customer may pick two virtual numbers that will link to their Israeli mobile number (e.g., USA and UK).

After you’ve selected your international numbers, calls to those international numbers will be forwarded to your Israeli cell phone with no additional charges to you or the people calling you.

Get Started
If you’re a Golan customer with the Unlimited or Birthday plans, log in to My Account to pick your numbers.

Please share your experiences with this new service in the comments.  Happy calling!

25 thoughts on “Free international numbers for your Israeli cell phone at Golan Telecom

  1. So far so good with my move to Golan Telecom.I have 3 free months.Let’s see what happens when I move over.I will be abroad so will not be able to take advantage of this free number for international calls till I return.But signing up was dead easy.

  2. Thank you for posting this. After all of these years with Pelephone, I switched to Golan. Pelephone came back and offered me a 50 shekel plan! But I stuck with Golan.

    Note that you can’t pick an area code. When I tried changing a few times, they told me I ran out fo chances and could not pick a foreign number until next year(!).

    But please note this: If you pick the 50-shekel plan, you pay to call the states – at a cost of 0.009 shekel/minute. If I understand correctly 1000 minutes is 9 shekels!

  3. Thank you so much for posting this. I just signed up and plan to cancel my Bezeqcom US line ($10/month) tomorrow.

  4. Awesome! Registration took three seconds. Waiting for someone in the States to give me a call with my new number.

  5. I managed to do this from my s2 galaxy smartphone.
    But when I tried to do so for my wife’s phone, the Submit button was disabled.
    I’ll try again

  6. Thanks for this! I just signed up, it was a bit difficult to activate, so here are the steps.
    To sign up, log into your account click “my account” and then “my lines” -then “setting and changes” select the line(s) you want to use, scroll all the way to bottom where it says my international number – accept the terms and then you can choose what countries you want to get a number from.

    Also, you can’t choose an area code, they just randomly select one for you.

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