22 May 2022

Basic dental care expanding to cover more kids

If you’ve been putting it off, it’s time to book those dental appointments for your kids.  As of 1 July 2011, basic dental care coverage for children is expanding.

Home Front Command, sirens, & a national drill

The Home Front Command (פיקוד העורף) has announced a national drill to take place on Wednesday 22.06.2011 as part of Turning Point 5 (נקודת מפנה 5).  Sirens will be sounded at 11:00 and at 19:00.

More on noise regulations in residential areas

Last month, the new noise regulations which went into affect were covered here at No Fryers.  In response, a reader wrote:

New noise regulations to bring more peace and quiet

With the new noise pollution regulations going into effect this week, we’ll all be getting a little more peace and quiet.

JCI accreditation demonstrates hospitals commitment to patient safety, quality of care

Seven Israeli hospitals have proven their commitment to high standards of patient safety and quality of care through accreditation by the Joint Commission International.

Poison Control urges care during Passover prep

In the two weeks before Passover, incidents of accidental poisonings increase dramatically.  You need to know who to call if a child or adult is accidentally exposed to dangerous substances.

Former UK residents can (& should) be organ donors

Previously here at No Fryers, the importance of signing up for an Adi organ donor card to you and your loved ones has been covered. An important question was directed to me off-site: Can people who resided in England be organ donors?