It’s time to turn on your headlights.  As of November 1st, drivers in Israel must use headlights even during the day for inter-city travel.

Why use headlights
With the “wintry” weather, it is all the more necessary to make sure that you are visible on the road.  Besides the fact that “it’s the law,” more and more countries are mandating the use of headlights at all times (or daytime running lights) due to the measurable reduction in car crashes.

The law
Below are some details about the headlight requirement.

  • When is it in effect?  The headlight-use requirement is from 1 November through 31 March.
  • Who is required?  Drivers of private vehicles are required to use headlights during intercity travel.  Bus, taxi, and truck drivers are required to use headlights on all roads.  (Motorcyclists are required to use headlights on all roads all year long.)
  • What is the penalty?  If a driver is caught without his lights on, there is a fine of 100 NIS, and the driver will also get two points on his license.
Make sure to use your headlights, and safe travels!

2 thoughts on “Headlights are mandatory as of 1 November

  1. “Bus, taxi, and truck drivers are required to use headlights at all times.”

    – Next you’ll be saying they’re supposed to stop at red lights and not drive over zebra crossings!

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