Golan Telecom, for a limited time only, is offering a shockingly cheap plan to get you to switch your Israeli cellular phone provider.

Golan’s Unlimited plan halved from 99 NIS to 49 NIS for intro period
According to their site, starting today their Unlimited plan is available to new customers for 49 NIS per month only!  That means:

  • unlimited calls
  • unlimited SMS / MMS
  • unlimited internet / data (speed slows after 3 GB)
  • unlimited calls to 53 countries

How long is this offer good for?  What are the terms?
As noted, it is for a limited time only.  Keep in mind:

  1. You must be a new customer transferring an existing number and sign up by 21 Jan 2013.
  2. The special price ends after 6 months, and then the plan will return to the original price of 99 NIS per month.
Among the other details I noted in the fine print of this offer, new subscribers who sign up for this deal have a contract with Golan Telecom for 6 months:

למתניידים חדשים**: מנויים חדשים, שלא היו מנויים של גולן טלקום אי פעם, ביקשו לנייד את מספרם לגולן טלקום ויישארו מנויים של גולן טלקום לתקופה של 6 חודשים לפחות.

However, the phone representative I spoke with this morning said that it is an error on the website that will be corrected as it is their policy to have no contracts.  Of course, given how cheap it is to break cellular service contracts now, the biggest bill you should be stuck with for cancelling would be 23.52 NIS in total.


If you would like to sign up, you may only do so via the Golan Telecom website.  Good luck to those of you who choose Golan, and happy calling!

8 thoughts on “Golan Telecom offering Unlimited plan at intro price of 49 NIS

  1. Hi, i’m the one of your costumer in golan talecom, I want to ask only why you offering unlicall in 53 countrys and you are not include philippine you know that philippine country is the one poorest country in the world all i tough you are helping philippine because philippine and israel are friend..

    1. jerymy, I would definitely suggest you let Golan Telecom know about your interest in having the Philippines included as a free calling destination. Maybe they’ll add it.

  2. It’s important to note that this is only valid for people transferring/”porting” their service from another provider to Golan. Actual new customers, including those who choose to get a new phone number from Golan and not to port their existing service, are not eligible for this offer.

  3. We just signed up for Golan a week ago and they refuse to honor this new price on our plan- anyone try this and have better luck?

    1. Shucks. Timing is everything. Did you already activate your SIMs, Shani? I wonder if you didn’t activate them if they will honor the new price as they refer to the date you activate, not order the SIM.

      ספירת 6 חודשי ההנחה תחל מיום הפעלת כרטיס הסים של המספר המנויד והחיוב המוזל יחול בהתאם ליום הפעלת הכרטיס בחודש.

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