18 May 2022

(Nearly) free international calling from your cell during Feb 2012!

014 Bezeq International and Rami Levy are teaming up to offer 500 minutes of calling for just 1 NIS to a variety of international destinations.

Hacker steals Israeli credit cards; What can you do?

The personal information of thousands of Israeli credit card users has been stolen.  How do you know if you’re affected, and what should you do?

Free international calling this week 16:00-17:00!

This week, Bezeq International (Beinleumi) is offering all private customers free calling to Western European landlines and the US.

Sukkot holiday hours at government offices

Hoping to take care of some government-related business over Sukkot?  Before heading out, check the list of special hours and closings during the fall holiday.

Property tax increases frozen… for most

Most Israelis will not have to worry about one cost rising in the next few months.  Local property taxes (ארנונה / arnona) will not be allowed to increase over the next six months with only a few exceptions.

Protest the huge rise in electricity prices!

Electricity rates may be going up by 19%!  If you don’t want to see your electric bill soar, it’s time to send a protest e-mail.

Freebies coming to longtime HOT customers

If you are a current HOT customer and were also a customer sometime between 2001 and 2007, you are eligible for compensation as the result of a class action suit.