17 January 2022

Daylight savings time 2013 begins; change your clocks

The weather has started to change, and so too it is time to change our clocks and “spring forward.”

Parking, traffic changes in Jerusalem for President Obama’s 2013 visit

President Obama will be in Jerusalem 20-22 March. If you will be too, you need to know about changes to parking, road closures, and traffic.

Nationwide emergency drill – 14 February 2013

Tomorrow 14 February 2013 the Home Front Command will carry out a nationwide emergency drill for our kids.

Pelephone customers must choose Feb. 2013 crash compensation

Pelephone, Rami Levy, and HOT Mobile users lost service on 3 Feb. 2013.  Pelephone customers must choose which compensation offer they prefer.

Golan Telecom offering Unlimited plan at intro price of 49 NIS

Golan Telecom, for a limited time only, is offering a shockingly cheap plan to get you to switch your Israeli cellular phone provider.

Radio stations that will broadcast only sirens over Shabbat (16 – 17 Nov. 2012)

Because of the rocket fire from Gaza, some radio stations will be running silent broadcasts that will only be interrupted in case of siren over Shabbat.

Save up to 20% on your summer 2012 electric bill

If you reduce your electricity usage this summer, you’ll save two times over – on your reduced usage and on special incentive credits.