22 May 2022

Daylight saving time 2013 ends; switch back your smartphone

Israeli daylight saving time is ending. If you changed your smartphone settings, it will soon be time to switch back.

Update smartphone for 2013 Israeli daylight savings time change

With Israeli daylight savings time changed to match Europe in 2013, most smartphones will be an hour off. You can fix them with a few clicks.

Find Polio Vaccination Center Near You

The Ministry of Health has opened clinics throughout Israel to offer the polio vaccine at a location and time convenient to you.

Register to save up to 20% on your summer 2013 electric bill

For the second year running, if you reduce your electricity usage compared to previous summers, you will receive special incentive credits.

National Emergency Drill – 27 May 2013

On Monday 27 May 2013, the Home Front Command will carry out a nationwide emergency drill.

Free skin cancer screenings

The intense Middle Eastern sun can put you at higher risk of skin cancer.  Celebrate Skin Cancer Awareness Week with a free screening.

Switch to a solar water heater: get a gov’t purchase subsidy, save monthly

Using an electric-only water heater? Not only can you save money by switching to solar, but the Israeli government will help subsidize it, too.