Sefach of a teudat zehut

Your Israeli ID has another integral part beyond the photo ID: the sefach (ספח) – a slip of paper which is an appendix containing extra details.

What does a sefach contain?

  1. Address
  2. Personal status
  3. Previous names, where applicable
  4. Spouse’s information, where applicable
  5. Children’s information, where applicable

Government entities and companies often request you present your Israeli ID together with the sefach to verify your address or family information.

How to download your current sefach

It’s easy to download an up-to-date version of your sefach online in minutes.

  1. Visit MyGov פרטים אישיים
  2. Login using your credentials
  3. Click on ספח תעודת זהות

You can print or save the PDF, and use it wherever a sefach is needed.

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