If you are a current HOT customer and were also a customer sometime between 2001 and 2007, you are eligible for compensation as the result of a class action suit.

The suit against HOT
The class action suit was filed due to HOT’s extended phone customer service wait times.

The suit stated that HOT violated its license terms, which mandated that the company answer customers’ calls within an average of 30 seconds, and at most 90 seconds. Yet a check conducted over more than 100 calls in 2008 found that the average wait time was more than eight minutes, or 486 seconds.

The settlement
Some time over the next few months, customers will be able to choose from three compensation options.

HOT Customers will be able to choose between three different options: free access to an open channel for a month; a free voicemail account for three months or a free second phone line for three months.

Under the terms of the settlement, customers who already have a Fax&Voice2Mail voicemail account can choose not to pay for it for three months.


Enjoy the freebie, but also keep in mind that there are much cheaper ways to watch TV!


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