The intense Middle Eastern sun can put you at higher risk of skin cancer.  Celebrate Skin Cancer Awareness Week with a free screening.

Why get screened?
According to Israeli skin cancer researchers, it is critical to protect ourselves from the sun, especially our children and the light-skinned among us.  Moreover, early detection can be a lifesaver:

In 2010, a total of 1,370 new cases of malignant melanoma – the most dangerous type of skin cancer – were diagnosed. Early diagnosis – made possible, in part, by the Israel Cancer Association’s awareness campaigns like that to be held next week – have reduced the toll from skin tumors. Early diagnosis raises the chances for a complete recovery dramatically….

How do I get screened?
israel-cancer-associationNormally, one can go to a dermatologist at your health fund (קופת חולים / kupat cholim) at any time.  But, that requires a co-pay and perhaps scheduling an appointment a few weeks out.  In honor of Skin Cancer Awareness Week, all four health funds are offering free screenings for their members.

From Sunday 19.05.2013 through Thursday 24.05.2013, dozens of sites will participate in the special screening events.  On the Israel Cancer Association website, click on the region wherein you live.  On the PDF file that will open, you will find a list of stations including hours of operation, address, and a phone number for scheduling your appointment.

If you have any questions, you can contact the Israel Cancer Association’s information line at 1-800-599-995 or your health fund.


Happy Skin Cancer Awareness week!

3 thoughts on “Free skin cancer screenings

  1. Thank you for sharing, this is a very important issue.

    I just called the moked at meuhedet, and he couldn’t find a single doctor with a free appointment in Jerusalem as part of the skin-checking drive.

    However, he did say that there are plenty of doctors with free appointments, *not* as part of the drive. A referral is NOT needed from your family doctor, and the only fee to be paid is the 22 shekel “specialist” fee.

    1. Thanks for sharing this important update, Ruth! It’s hard to believe that participating Jerusalem Meuhedet doctors are already full for the drive. As you note and is written in the article above, seeing a dermatologist for an annual check is a good and modest investment in any case.

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