The Ministry of Health has opened clinics throughout Israel to offer the polio vaccine at a location and time convenient to you.

Israel Ministry of Health's two drops polio vaccine campaignOn 18 August 2013, the Ministry of Health launched a nationwide polio vaccine campaign.  The polio vaccine (חיסון נגד פולים / chisun neged polio) is being given to all children between 2 months and 9 years old (who have no serious health considerations and who have already received at least one dose of IPV, the injectable Inactivated Polio Virus vaccine).  The vaccine is known as OPV (oral polio vaccine) and is administered by two drops of liquid to the mouth.

The vaccine is being distributed free of charge throughout the country.  To find a clinic near you along with its hours of operation and contact information, select your city on the Ministry of Health’s Polio Vaccine Centers Around the Country page.

Remember to bring your child’s vaccine registry booklet (פנקס חיסונים / pinkas chisunim).

For more information on the vaccine and campaign, see the following Ministry of Health resources:

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