Find all your keren hishtalmut, keren pensiya, bituach menhalim, and kupat gemel accounts – for free.

When people move from employer to employer, they often forget over time where all of their investments are.  There are tools which make it easy to find all of your accounts and how much money you have set aside.

Find Your Accounts

There are at least two legitimate ways to easily access this information.

Wobi (וובי)

Wobi offers a service to find all of your retirement (ביטוח מנהלים / קרן פנסיה / קופת גמל) and keren hishtalmut (קרן השתלמות) accounts – for free!

New users register can do so at Wobi’s Pension Status Registration Page.  You will have to provide some identifying information, including details from an Israeli credit card in your name (though you won’t be charged).  It takes up to 3 business days for all of your information to be gathered.

You’ll receive an SMS when the search process has been completed and all of your data gathered.  Through Wobi, you will now be able to see:

  • Overall
    • How many savings plans you have and where they are
    • How much you have saved
    • How much you are paying in annual fees
    • How much they project you will save by the time you retire and how much you will pay in fees by then
  • Per account
    • All of what you can see globally, but per account
    • Pertinent details about your account, including the type of account, when it was opened, whether it is active, what the last payment was, and what fees are charged per deposit and on an annual basis.  In the case of a keren hishtalmut, you can also see when the funds become available.

Wobi will try to sell you products.  In my case, they said there would be significant savings if I switched my keren hishtalmut provider.  While they are correct that I could be paying an annual fee that is 0.12% less with a different provider, on the same screen they showed me that my current provider had double the total return over the last three years and more than triple over the last year.  So, I declined their offer.

Returning users can access their information at סטטוס פנסיוני.


המסלקה הפנסיונית (The Pension Clearinghouse)

You can also access all of your information through the winner of the government tender at  Accessing your information costs 20 NIS per time – so make sure to make it count if you use this service.


Next Steps

Once you’ve found all of our your accounts, what do you do?  Follow-up with each company:

  1. Get online access (find your company through a Google search or this helpful site from Feex)
  2. Check your bituach menhalim and keren hishtalmut statements because often money goes missing

Knowing where your money is and how much you’ve saved is an important part of a healthy financial plan.  Good luck!

2 thoughts on “Find All Your Pension, Retirement, and Keren Hishtalmut Accounts

  1. This is great and very helpful. But should we be concerned that it is so easy for a third party that is not related to us and doesn’t have power of attorney to able to access this information so easily?

    1. Glad you find it helpful.

      I can understand your concern. To get access, it does require not only personal information but something that should only be in your possession, the information from a credit card in your name.

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