22 May 2022

Candidates entitled to testing center results

Testing center (מכון מיון / machon miyun) industry, you are on notice!  Job applicants are entitled to the results of their assessment tests.

Reimbursement for transportation to, from work

Travel costs add up.  Employers are required to reimburse employees for commute costs.  Are you getting reimbursed?

Free Chanuka performances for children

The Ministry of Culture and Sport is sponsoring Chanuka happenings throughout the country under the banner “נס חנוכה” (Nes Chanuka / Chanuka miracle).

School fees: Which are mandatory, voluntary?

When school starts, so do the requests for additional, often substantial payments.  How much money is your child’s school really allowed to ask (or demand) of you?

Advance notice for termination or resignation

Advance notice is required before an employer can fire you in Israel.  It’s important to know your rights (and responsibilities) under the law.

Check your bituach menhalim and keren hishtalmut statements!

Over the last few weeks, you have received in the mail statements regarding your manager’s insurance (bituach menhalim / ביטוח מנהלים) and continuing education fund policies (keren hishtalmut / קרן השתלמות).  It’s time to take them out and review them for basic accuracy because a surprising number have errors – in the favor of the insurance […]

Use sick leave for absences due to childbirth and pregnancy of a spouse

Is your spouse pregnant?  If so, beyond the possibility of paternity leave, the law entitles you to medical leave on the occasion of birth and for some medical treatments.